Perfect Mould

What we do

Perfect Mould is a leading global provider of high precision multi cavity Injection/Blow Mould solution.
Perfect Mould started business from the year 2013, we are engaged in manufacturing Unscrewing Cap Mould, Bump-off Cap Mould, Flip Top Cap Mould (In Mold Closing System optional), Jar Mould, Thin-wall Mould, Jerrycan Mould, Cosmetic Bottle Mould, Milk Bottle Mould, Pesticide Bottle Mould etc.
Perfect Mould own complete equipment, such as CNC Machining, EDM Machine, Wire- Cutting Machine, High Precision Grinding Machine etc. In mould making and molding process, AutoCAD, Pro/E, Solidworks are applied maturely. The engineer and technicians for mould making with more than 10 years work experience which are rich in production and management which can ensure quality, accuracy and rapid production period.
Perfect Mould has delivered high-performance cap/bottle mould to North and south America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. We can support your next project all the way from part design & prototyping to high-performance mould.